About Us

After running a Machine Shop in Calcutta, India during World War II, Robert Hergatt started his own in the early 1950s. His credo was “QUALITY IS THE BEST ECONOMY” and you will find we continue to live up to it to this day. Our motto is based on the premise that it takes extra time and costs a little bit more to “do it right the first time”, but in the long run it actually costs less. 

At Hergatt Machine we find that buyers of machined parts struggle with one or more of the following issues:

  • Missing deadlines because of late deliveries of incoming components
  • Product Failure due to parts being machined out of specifications
  • Trouble getting answers to important questions
  • Trouble getting quotes in a timely manner
  • Frequent price increases

That is why at Hergatt Machine, we continuously focus on establishing a collaborative relationship with our customers. From planning and pricing, to production and problem solving, we dedicate ourselves to finding the intersection between your best interest and ours. Perhaps more than anything, the awards featured on our homepage illustrates what can happen when these principles are faithfully followed.

From prototyping stages to small and large-scale orders, our services include

  • turning, milling
  • sawing
  • grinding
  • welding
  • heat-treating
  • plating
  • anodizing

We are very competitive in medium to high volume production lots, which repeat on a continuous basis.

If Hergatt Machine sounds like a good fit for your company, please call, or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!