• Timely Quotes and Prompt Answers - Developing timely and accurate quotations for precision machined components has been the cornerstone of growing Hergatt Machine, Inc. Learn more about the steps Hergatt takes to create your quotation. Continue Reading
  • Avoiding the Impact of Late Deliveries - The Impact of Late Deliveries – and How It Can Be Avoided Late deliveries - we have all experienced being promised a certain product by a specific date only to have that date come and go with no product arriving and no advanced warning from our vendor.  Let’s be honest, there are times when the delivery date was arbitrary and exact adherence to the “promised date” is not critical.Therefore, it’s no big deal. However, in the fast paced environment of “Lean Manufacturing”, these instances are becoming rare.  When we talk about “Precision Machined Parts”, which are integral components in many… Continue Reading
  • The Cost of Poor Quality - As all who live in the competitive world of manufacturing know the pressure to reduce cost is real, ever present and unsuccessful efforts will put a squeeze on the bottom line.  Often times, this forces you, the purchasing manager, to find more cost effective sources for the supplies and products required to manufacture your products. Many of these avenues are pretty straightforward, for instance buying the identical commodity item from a different source for 15% less.  That’s a definite win. However, when it comes to the purchase of precision machined parts from outside vendors, sometimes cost savings can be found… Continue Reading

Avoiding the Impact of Late Delivery

Cost of Poor Quality