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Timely Quotes and Prompt Answers

Accurate Quotations Designed to Support your Project Planning and Processes

Project planning requires accuracy and attention to detail because in the world of precision machining there is no such thing as a generic part. At Hergatt Machine we build quotations that are timely, accurate and reflect your company’s requirements for precision machined parts. Just for fun, here is a condensed list of elements that Hergatt considers when it generates quotations:

  • Determine if the part is a good fit with buyer
  • Consider component size, material and tolerance requirements
  • Assess for required outside processes (heat treating, grinding, plating, anodizing, welding, etc.)
  • Determine quantity, lead time and budget targets
  • If there is a fit, receive RFQ and part print from buyer
  • Review material requirements
  • Send out RFQ’s to outside suppliers of materials and processes
  • Select appropriate machining process
  • Determine tooling, programming, fixturing and set-up costs
  • Perform time studies
  • Assess current workload conditions
  • Determine lead time
  • Compile data
  • Generate formal quotation…WHEW!

Why We Believe Communication is Important

The rapid response and detailed quotations we send are representative of our approach to precision machining and customer service. In addition, once we send you a quotation and complete the sale; we remain available for questions and send you updates. We believe that timely and accurate communication, before and after a sale, is a vital part of our commitment to customer service.

The story behind our quotation software provides a great example of the value of reliable customer support. After thorough research and the demonstration of sample quotes, we selected software that should have shortened quotation building from days to hours. The software failed to perform in the field and their tech support’s response time proved to be 48-72 hours; so we had to look for a new vendor. With different software and fast, reliable customer support we finally had a solution.

In the competitive world of manufacturing, you can ill afford to do business with outside vendors of precision machined parts that are convincing on the front end of the sale, but nowhere to be found when questions come up. At Hergatt Machine, we pride ourselves in being there after the sale, as well as before. But, don’t take my word for it, listen to what our customers say:

I would be my pleasure to discuss your production machining needs. We are ISO Certified and Gorman Rupp Pumps of Mansfield, Ohio has awarded us their “Best Machine Shop” for multiple years.

-Neil Hergatt, President of Hergatt Machine, Inc.

At Hergatt Machine, we pride ourselves in being there after the sale, as well as before. Don’t take my word for it, read what our customers say.

Some vendors have a habit of missing deliveries and need to be contacted to find out why the orders were not delivered on time. Neil keeps a watchful eye on delivery dates and if there is a scheduling conflict, we are contacted in time to make adjustments that we both can live with. We’re now provided with a higher level of quality than we received from our previous vendor.
– Kristina, OTW

There is incredible communication between our companies. We believe Hergatt treats every customer as if they were the most important.
– Troy, MM

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